Human Are the Most Complicated Creatures- But They Love Simplicity & Naturality Most
Digitankan :Science & Arts Both

The Uniqueness of the output we produce, lies in the application of both fields, Science & Arts, with a perfect balance. Be it Digital Marketing, be it translation, be it localization, or it may be any other field. This Unique blend makes the Digitankan shine in a pleasing way.

Digitankan, works in, in fact, rejoices in, both, Art & Science. We work in fields, which require a unique blend of both Science & Art. That is, we love to produce, the perfect human satisfaction, of the brain, and of the heart.
Quest for achieving this beauty of Simplicity & Naturality has given Rise to Art & Science Both
When one wants to achieve simplicity for brain, they analyze things, and thus produce Science. When one wants to achieve Simplicity for Heart, they synthesize things and thus produce Art.
About Digitankan
Digitankan Solutions (Indic: डिजिटांकन सॉल्यूशन्स्) is an enterprise, providing solutions in versatile though mutually dependent fields. We work in fields of Web Development and Design, Localization, DM Training, Linguistic Processing, Development, Translations and So forth.
Web Development and Web Design

And you want a face, a face in Cyber-World. So here are the Web Developing nerds, directly from the Cyber Field. We have got some very current and industry-class developers; who are not simple click-and-run web-builders. Our developers think out every aspect of website while designing and developing, and provide you with the best options, to your budget and economy, so that you get a Website which is "Really" for you, and for your work.


We work in Localization of various products and also translation of the interfaces/websites. Our Localizers/Translators possess practical in-field knowledge of the stuff as well as professional knowledge of linguistics. We have, as part of our social responsibility, translated on several open source websites/apps, including translatewiki.net, Mediawiki, Wikipedia and so forth. Our localizers have excellent ability to view the apps/websites from the user's view, and localize the product accordingly.We have produced several seamlessly and "jerklessly" localized versions of the products.

DM Training

Digital Marketing Training is one of our specialization. We provide training for Digital Marketing especially in Indian Scenario.


Digitankan works in Localization and Translation both. We work in translation and localization for Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages. Our work ranges in various domains including legal, educational, administrative, corporate, scientific, technological and so forth. We have specialized translators for each field. e.g.- We have got technical textbooks translated through our translator who has actually worked in Scientific Department with linguistic specialization, and got legal books translated through our translator who has actually worked in Govt. of India having good know-how of the related things. That is why our clients feel more than satisfied for the localization/translation work we do for them.

Our Translation work : Dimensions
Work for translation of Govt. Websites
Work on Translatewiki.net
Work on Translatewiki.net
Note: Our rates very depending upon the content. So please don't take this screenshot as quotation for your work, this one is for comparison with other agencies, for same content, i.e. all other things equal.
Website Design
Digital Marketing Training
Cyber Security


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